As the FEC2020 approaches, excitement is growing for the fusion community to share new, key learnings and network at the biggest fusion conference in the world. As the conference will be virtual, there will be an even broader reach than previous years, and it will be accessible to audiences across the globe.

The FEC2020 Local Organizing Committee (LOC), with members from the host organizations in France,  CEA and the ITER Organization, are delighted to announce the growing interest from sponsors to have e-booths and online events during the conference. The e-booths will be visible 24/7 with many ways of sharing information visually, but also connecting via chat and presentations.  Some of the sponsors will also have the opportunity to organize virtual tours, relevant webinars, symposia and other interactive events on the side of the conference.

We are pleased to announce the following key players in fusion have registered so far as sponsors that will strongly support the virtual FEC2020 through our innovative platform.

To date, we are pleased to welcome the following sponsors

Region Sud, ITER and CEA.

General Atomics and Air Liquide.


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